For Glenn, the process of writing a suspense thriller is a slow and meticulous balancing act.

Readers and critics alike have come to expect thought provoking and topical themes intertwined with imaginative and fantastical story lines. Complex plotting is deftly handled and anchored in thoroughly researched scientific, theological and historical fact. The pacing is furious; the voice both witty and powerful.

Glenn delivers a truly unique experience in the suspense thriller genre--one that is savored by readers and critics in 25 countries around the world.

Ian Baringer may have stumbled across the greatest discovery of all time.

Or the greatest curse.

As a child, Ian lost his parents in a horrific accident, seeing them give their lives to save his. He never fully recovered, burying pangs of guilt, clinging to religion’s promise that someday he'd see them again.

But now, despite the help of Angela Weber, the brilliant psychologist who loves him, his demons have resurfaced. He's obsessed to know for certain if the soul survives death.

And incredibly, he's found a way. A risky bid to cross death's door and return with Knowledge of the Great Beyond. Proof of a hereafter. Of God, Himself. Knowledge to end wars and the constant feuding between Faiths.

Or perhaps Knowledge to doom us all . . .

It is moments before midnight on New Year's Eve 1999, when something incredible happens. It is a geological event of staggering proportions, followed by reports of the emergence of a woman with divine powers. Is she a divine emissary, the product of bizarre science, or something more sinister?

The Last Day is a world-wide best seller published in 21 languages, in 22 countries.

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